Saturday, May 3, 2014

MH370 Missing Plane Wreckage 'Identified' By American Pilot

A pilot from New York believes he has found the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airline Flight 370.
Michael Hoebel, 60, claims to have found the doomed plane off the coast of Thailand after searching thousands of satellite images online.
The recreational pilot from Tonawanda said he spent hours trawling through the images made available to the public on a crowd-sourcing website,, before coming across what he believes is the wreckage of the passenger jet.
  • Is this wreckage?
  • WIVB
    Michael Hoebel pictured showing an image of what he believes is the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
  • He found the image on a website that shares satellite images
He told WIVB that he used the scale at the bottom of the map on TomNod and compared them to the specs on Boeing's website to establish that the white figure he saw was the perfect size.
"I was taken aback because I couldn't believe I would find this," he told the news channel.
And when WIVB reporter Ed Drantch questioned if the shadow could be a shark, Hoebel responded: "That's a 210ft shark."
The latest "find" follows a plethora of bizarre theories about what happened to the plane.
A former oil company executive turned author last week suggested America could have shot down the missing Malaysia Airlines plane - and is now trying to cover it up.

The hunt for the Malaysia Airlines plane, now missing for 53 days, will continue underwater, and could take many more months, Tony Abbott told a Canberra press conference Monday.
It is "highly unlikely" debris from the missing flight MH370 will ever be found floating on the ocean surface, Australia's prime minister has admitted.

Prepare An Incredible Banana Nut Bread Recipe by Paula Deen

What I want to share with you today is how to prepare an incredible banana nut bread recipe that is raw and literally takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. To prepare the banana nut bread recipe Paula deen I start giving by throwing a few cups of washed berries in a bowl. Next , I add a small handful of chopped walnuts . I mean walnuts in the refrigerator or freezer so that their omega-3 quality does not decrease with time .
If you see advertisements for healthy banana nut bread recipe, I really urge you about what they are trying to sell you think. It is full of whole foods that you are going to feed all day and get your day started , as well as possible . banana nut bread recipe Paula deen A lot of people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day , but I 'm not sure that I necessarily agree . Every meal is important. Your health is important . This banana nut bread recipe Paula Deen is an anti- oxidant rich because the main ingredient of fresh berries. You definitely want the best food possible , start your day so that you do not feel sluggish and sleep at work or at school or wherever you are. My favorite combination is blueberries raspberries blackberries .

Next I will discuss some hemp seeds that add an amazing source of protein . Add a tablespoon you will get about 8 grams of protein. This is huge ! So if someone throws that the good old question to you : " Where do you get your protein from " if you are vegan or vegetarian , they say , that you eat hemp seed. Hemp seeds are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of hemp seeds up , or how much you would like banana nut bread recipe paula deen . Next I add a few sunflower seeds. I usually enjoy them bring to the quality of life for them and reduce enzyme inhibitors, but if you forgot to soak them ahead of time, then that's fine . Throw in a few tablespoons of sunflower seeds. Banana nut bread recipe paula deen ground flax seeds are a must. They are a great source of fiber , lignans , and again, Omega -3 fatty acids . You can buy them pre- ground, but get the best quality seeds, just grind them into any coffee mill. You can also add a little flaxseed oil to add to your breakfast cereal. Again, it's a great source of omega-3. Good fats are important for our cardiovascular system and our brain health. And now the secret ingredient banana nut bread recipe Paula Deen : desiccated coconut .

Coconut is another amazing source of healthy fats. The medium chain triglycerides are amazing for burning fat and endurance sports . Coconuts have anti -bacterial properties . They will also help to keep the hunger a little longer. I recommend using rice milk or Muttermilchauf your mother's banana bread recipe. You can make your own breast milk make the Vita-Mix is no problem with a few nuts soaked , water, and a sweetener . Not drainage small chunks worry, it pours right on the cereal ! Lately, we have using banana milk . We just throw a banana in the blender along with some water and a drop of almond extract. It makes delicious " milk " . Just think outside the box and come up with many , many different types of milk , which you can use. Not even me started on cow's milk. Just please do not even bring it into the house ! Now you can full pretty quickly , because this cereal is very filling .

But the really great thing about this cereal is that you can it in the fridge and eat it later, because it will not be watered down . You do not need to enjoy a raw foodist , this amazing cereal. It is full of high-quality food and there is no nonsense that you do not want to put into your body like every single grain out there on the shelves. We have berries, nuts , coconut , hemp, flax seeds and oil , sunflower seeds , and some nutritious banana milk got on our cereal . Mix and match what you want ! One thing is for sure. When you lose weight or just feel great and maximize the energy that you want to experience on a daily basis , raw and living foods are revolutionize your life, so give this cereal a try. They are the old grain dumping in the trash right after ! Click here to see full banana nut bread recipe paula deen